USVI Special Operations

As the world in which we live grows more complex, organizations are encountering fresh challenges when attempting to protect their personnel, assets, and facilities from the risks that an unstable climate produces. Falken specializes in identifying, mitigating, and responding to risk at an early stage. We believe that by utilizing preventative measures and creating effective plans to reduce and eliminate such risks, then the potentially harmful impact to profits, reputation, and lives can be dramatically reduced. With the experience of operations in the Middle East, South America, Europe, and Africa, our global reach ensures that we can fulfill individual client requirements without compromise and with full confidentiality while maintaining the enviably high standards we demand from all of our personnel. Our professional approach, knowledge, and understanding of how to respond to risk in a preventative manner, is underpinned by our constant drive to achieve a successful outcome for our clients on any given project. Our services and advice cover the full spectrum of security and risk management from training and development to business risk and new market entry. Our comprehensive advice enables clients to understand vital security and risk management considerations and the most appropriate solutions that will assist in creating a safe operating environment.

Our extensive experience and knowledge has been gained from operating in high-risk areas worldwide, and the quality of personnel we employ from military, police and governmental agencies ensures the advice and support we give is both current and holistic. We strongly believe in preventative measures that anticipate hazards or security issues prior to them occurring. It is these measures which assist business and government leaders to build resilient organizations and communities that can cope when incidents do happen.

  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal
  • Designated Defensive Marksman
  • Counter-Kidnap and Ransom Operations
  • Tactical Medical Operations.