USVI Intelligence Agency

As the top USVI Intelligence Agency, Falken specializes in all things intelligence, including professional services, training, intelligence analysis, and operations. We network with more than 300 intelligence professionals from around the globe. Our mission is to provide the U.S. Government and national intelligence agencies the best intelligence support available. Our professionals are ready and able to assist you with exploitation training, software tools, intelligence personnel, intelligence analysis, technical surveillance and consulting. We are committed to providing expert solutions to our clients with integrity, honesty, and unmatched competence. We stand beside our clients and partners in accomplishing their missions, and stand behind our products and services in order to ensure outcomes that exceed expectations. We provide intelligent, highly trained people to solve critical issues in support of national and international security objectives. We have unmatched world-class solutions for intelligence and counterintelligence operations, as well as global interpretation, translation and linguist capabilities. We provide expertise across a number of focus areas to include:

  • Collection and Analysis
  • Targeting
  • Training
  • Cyber Security