Corporate Structure

Falken’s fascinating and proud history reveals a continuous focus on innovation and expansion that began with the company’s founder, Rob Ord. The Falken group of service companies are a matrix of globally based, privately owned and specialize in security and business risk consultancy for organizations, governments, and the private individual. Our corporate structure and global footprint ensures that we are able to meet our client’s requirements in a timely and effective manner by tailoring and implementing a personalized solution that is unique to each project. As the global climate becomes more complex our clients are encountering fresh challenges when attempting to protect their people, assets, and facilities from the risks associated with an unstable political and financial climate. Geography, function, technology, business unit and technology
(among others) are important for their success. We utilize a matrix corporate structure that introduces or at least recognizes, the real-life complexity of our business environment.

At Falken we are organized to directly respond to this reality. Our corporate structure offers the client flexibility and is at the center of the continuum between our services and product organizations. The primary advantage we offer through our structure is that we combine the reusability of the services structure with the project focus of the product organization. This works best for our customers where clearly defined threats are not or cannot be defined.