USVI Security Operations

Your USVI security operations make a powerful first impression. Choosing the right vendor can be an important representation of your company. Falken security operations are specifically tailored to meet your requirements. We understand that recruiting and screening trustworthy and capable individuals to provide security services is vital for your organizational success. Falken provides a variety of highly qualified and screened personnel for all of your security functions. We understand that the trustworthiness and capability of our employee is paramount to any position on your security operations team. To Falken trustworthiness includes detailed background investigations; physical, mental, and psychological pre-screening and qualification; behavioral observations; polygraph examinations, and continuing employee assessments. We pre-screen our employee’s capability by addressing education and experience; training (initial, sustaining, and advanced equipment-specific); security awareness; and certification by examination. Based on the security operation needs of our clients, Falken provides highly trained and experienced:

  • Law Enforcement Personnel
  • Armed and Unarmed Security Guards
  • K-9Teams
  • Prisoner Transport Officers
  • Correctional Officers
  • Electronic Security Technicians

Falken USVI Security Operations