Company Overview and Organization

Our mission is to provide discrete professional security solutions and equipment that exceed our clients’ expectations and needs with an emphasis on value, integrity and professionalism. We are an employee focused, customer driven provider with a keen desire to meet the distinctive goals of each of our clients through quality practices and unique solutions. It is our goal to secure our customers, community. and country.

Falken USVI, LLC (Falken), headquartered in St. Thomas, is a regional Government services and equipment provider supporting national and international security objectives. Falken USVI provides our clients with discrete customized integrated service and hardware solutions essential for effective daily operations. Falken USVI, LLC is supported by Falken Industries, LLC worldwide which has more than a decade of experience.

Complete, Specialized, Security Services

At Falken we provide our clients with exceptional personal and specialized service and equipment with an emphasis on value, integrity and professionalism. We offer sustainable long-term solutions with a focus on agility and flexibility to rapidly mobilize any or all of our solutions as need, anywhere around the globe, at any time. By providing timely and expectation-exceeding service and support we continue to ensure a mutually successful partnership in securing our customers, community, and territory.

At Falken, we are a fully licensed, registered, and insured professional service, equipment, manufacturing and supply firm. Founded and staffed by former law enforcement officers and retired military personnel, we have grown to become a trusted and secure global provider. All management staff and the majority of our personnel have been subjected to a comprehensive background investigation. Our senior corporate officers and advisory council are all former U.S. Government personnel or Military veterans with significant experience in Security, Law Enforcement, Military Special Operations, Counterterrorism, and Intelligence Operations.

The #1 USVI Mission Support Agency

In recent months Falken has broadened its capabilities from Security Services into medical response services, to include medical patrol units and helicopter evacuation. With inter-island offices located in St Croix and St Thomas, we provide support to protect personnel, assets and facilities in high-threat regions and districts. We now support the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to protect and ensure well-being of all rehabilitation professionals. In addition, we support private contractors in their efforts to fortify the infrastructure, development, and security of the Virgin Islands. As a small Virgin Island business, we have unparalleled support and loyalty to and by the region.