USVI Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC)

Providing our clients’ with critical assets is an ongoing challenge both domestically and in high- threat environments. Our mission success requires equipping the right team armed with a deep understanding of the evolving threat environment and the know-how to effectively operate in both permissive and austere environments. Our record of excellence is built upon mission success, effective client communication, rigorous vetting, preparation programs and adherence to our core principles of uncompromising integrity. Falken has extensive experience in simultaneously managing multiple manufacturing programs of varying size and complexity while maintaining a high level of contract performance throughout a program’s lifecycle. We have successfully performed on relevant security contracts with a total value greater than $5M and have extensive experience sourcing and managing multiple locations around the globe. We believe that within this area, no other company can provide the same combination of expertise, on-the-ground experience, logistics resources, personnel access, program management understanding, and corporate commitment. We will leverage our significant, in-place capabilities and expertise; our large pool of screened, trained, and fully qualified employees; and more than 14 years of experience in procuring and deploying personnel and equipment for our various global customers. Our worldwide logistics network supplies and equips our employees operating in countries across five continents. Supporting numerous programs annually, our procurement department regularly acquires and deploys every type of equipment needed to sustain and enable our dedicated global workforce. Falken procures vehicles, uniforms, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), weapon systems, ammunition, computers, and mobile phones (to name only a few). We are able to leverage our tested, worldwide supply chain to get all procured equipment to its destination on time. Falken’s approach to delivering exceptional services and equipment is based on a mature Quality Control (QC) processes developed through our experience supporting U.S. Government programs worldwide. With a consistent focus on better serving our customers, we continuously improve these processes to meet performance standards per contract requirements. At the corporate level, Falken has invested the time and resources required to achieve and maintain internationally recognized standards. Our corporate Quality Management System (QMS) is currently undergoing ISO-certification, giving customers’ confidence that our quality management programs meet stringent standards aligned with industry best practices. We understand that the effectiveness of our QMS directly impacts the mission. Our success in controlling work at all levels results in quickly identifying and correcting performance issues so that support of USOB operations are not interrupted. Our QC approach meets the QC requirements of our worldwide programs.

The cornerstone of Falken’s QC Plan (QCP) is the concept that QC begins with personal responsibility. We expect each employee to do the job right the first time and to improve work products or processes. We provide detailed, clearly written SOPs and policy guidance to reinforce training concepts. Our employees conduct self-inspections to verify that their work is being completed correctly. They receive support and feedback from supervisors to verify that quality and safety standards are applied.

Falken’s QCP is based on:

  • A clear understanding of Falken’s QC responsibility through partnership with our customers
  • The fact that the QCP is a “living document” and as contract requirements evolve, the QCP is subject to change
  • Compliance with our pending corporate ISO 9001:2008 Compliant Quality Program as detailed in our ISO 9001 Quality Manual, ISO 14001 Environmental Standards and Corporate Quality Control Procedures
  • A sound approach to pro-actively assess the program for performance deficiencies and implement effective corrective actions